Founded in 1959, the Rutleigh Norris School of Dance has been providing our pupils in Moseley, Bournville and Alcester with a superior quality of teaching for the past 59 years.

We work to give our pupils the opportunity to not only be the best dancer they can be (with many continuing their studies at various vocational schools) but to also become confident, happy and respectful individuals.

We also offer the RAD's Silver Swans® adult ballet classes and Darcey Bussell's DDMIX! fitness classes in Birmingham for those of you who wish to keep dancing into adulthood.

At RNSD we specialise in the prestigious and internationally recognised Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet Syllabi as we feel this gives the best underpinning for your child’s future, be that in dance or otherwise. We also offer classes in Modern Jazz and Tap Dance as we believe that a combination of the three results in a well-rounded dancer.

Throughout the three well-established branches of the school (we have multiple venues in Moseley, Bournville and Alcester), we hold classes from Ballet Tots to the mature adult dancer.

All our classes are taught by professional teachers who hold the Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher Status as well as qualifications from other well respected dance bodies.

Our teaching staff are passionate about dance whilst maintaining a standard of excellence and we strive to pass this ethos on to our students through an enjoyable, supported and safe learning experience. As you would expect, all our teachers have a DBS certificate.


Our Pupils As People

Dance is a key for your child to explore, develop, build confidence and become socially interactive with other budding dance students.

At the Rutleigh Norris School of Dance we encourage your child to be the best dancer they can be as well as the best person they can be. During their lesson, courtesy and respect are simply a part of learning to dance in our school.

We support each individual wholly and expect them to be encouraging and kind to their peers. We challenge them to produce their best whilst respecting them for being an individual. At RNSD each lesson is taught in a professional, caring environment where the children enjoy their learning whilst feeling safe and valued.

We have an in depth safeguarding policy and any safeguarding issues are to be reported to the Principal.


Our Pupils As Dancers

In our classes the student is not only valued for their dance talent; the very act of learning to be a dancer aids a childhood in so many other ways.

Dance not only improves poise, control, strength and coordination but develops good concentration, respect, courtesy and the ability to remember. It also gives children a musical ear and teaches them improvisation.

We nurture each pupil to be the best dancer they can become but realise that dancing can be enjoyed as a hobby and not just a vocation.

Their self-confidence and self-esteem will be boosted and the study of dance encourages perseverance as well as improving social and creative skills. This is applicable to both boys and girls.