RNSD's Ribbon Sewing Guide

How to sew ribbons on your Pointe Shoes

It’s easy once you know!

  • Fold the heel of the shoe down to meet the insole, creating “wings”.
  • Mark the inside of the shoe along the crease with a pencil. The front edge of the ribbon will sit along this line.
  • Hold your RNSD ribbons; you’ll see a green, off centre mark. The section from the mark to the end that is shortest will start from the inside of the ankle, and the longer section will wrap round from the outside of the ankle.
  • Pin the ribbons in the shoe with the green mark matching the shoe’s back seam.
  • Check that if you sit with both your shoes facing you, your ribbons go:

long length, mark, short length (other shoe) short length, mark, long length
-------------------------------I-------------------      ------------------I-------------------------------

If not, you will end up with two left/right feet!

  • Using strong thread, sew the ribbon securely onto the shoe, trying to catch only the lining and not pierce the satin. 
  • Melt the ends of the trimmed ribbons with a lighter so they don’t fray.