New Leotards in Stock

A new colour for your new grade!

From September onwards we are introducing some new classes and some additional colours and styles for our girls’ and boys’ leotards: Cornflower, Lavender, Teal, Royal Blue and Port to name but a few. The new Tap and Modern classes have their own unique uniform.

In order to recognise the completion of each grade, a different colour and/or style of leotard and belt have been assigned. A new leotard for your new grade!

Existing pupils are invited to buy the new uniform but it is not compulsory for those who have purchased the original colours until moving up to a new grade. We hope the additional leotards will instil a sense of pride in moving up to the next class, creating a tangible, visible difference. It also keeps the uniform clean and neat.

Check our Uniform Details to see whether you have the option of buying a new leotard.

All our uniform is made in England and most of it comes from our lovely suppliers right here in the Midlands. You can always have a look at our new online shop to see what the progressions are!