TryDance; Commercial Street

independence; attitude; pout!

I'm typing as I'm watching our very first TryDance event: three workshops in Commercial Street. Leigh Halifax had the classes enthralled and under his spell immediately when he walked in wearing his baggy tracky bottoms and sporting his man-bun. Quite a different look from our usual Ballet Mistress's attire! As he talked of "swag" and "sass" (I'm not entirely sure what that means either..) he led each class through a super-cool series of clicks*, kicks*, flicks*, hips* and punches* to an array of super-cool music. After a nervous first few minutes and a decent warm-up, every pupil was strutting and pumping with a never-before seen attitude. An hour and a half later each class had a Commercial Street routine all worked out and looked pretty "fly" and "sassy"; the entire day was fantastic

*N.B. May not be technical lingo - it's all very different to my usual Pliés and Pas de Chats!


Keep your eyes open for our next TryDance event in the New Year.

Any suggestions or ideas welcome!

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